1st Day of Journey:

  • Upon arrival assistance and guidance at Jeddah Airport.
  • After immigration we will then set off to the city of Makkah by coach/bus with the group.
  • Check in Makkah Hotel
  • Perform Umrah with the Group leader/Staff

Staying in Makkah till 19th Ramadan:

  • 1st till 19th Ramadan staying in Makkah hotel, take the advantage and spend most of the time in ibadat inside Masjid-Haram.
  • Ziyarat of historical places in Makkah will be arranged with the group after Fajar/Asr Salah (Group leader will inform the customers in advance).
  • Food (Sahoor & Iftar) will be served at hotel during the stay in Makkah.

20th Day of Ramadan:

  • We will check out from Makkah hotel around 13:00pm (local time).
  • We depart to the city of Madinah by coach/bus with the group.
  • Check in Madinah hotel around 18:00pm (local time).

Staying in Madinah:

  • Staying in Madinah hotel from 20th Ramadan till 1st day of EID and spend most of your time in the Ibadat inside Masjid-Nabwi.
  • Ziyarat of historical places in Makkah will be arranged with the group after Fajar/Asr Salah (Group leader will inform the customers in advance).
  • Food (Sahoor & Iftar) will be served at hotel during the stay in Madinah

1st day of EID:

  • Offer EID salah in Masjid Nabwi.
  • Special breakfast will be served on the EID day.
  • Group will check out from the hotel around 13:00 pm (local time).
  • We will return to the airport by coach/bus with the group leader to take the flight back home.


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Take a look at our sections on HAJJ, UMRAH and WORLDWIDE, once you have decided where you would like to travel and when you would like to travel, call us to our customer support team or email us using our Contact us form.
We accept Bank transfers and Cheques (for flight booking we don’t accept cheques).
Low cost airlines bookings, Hajj & Umrah bookings once confirmed are non-refundable. However in the case of emergency/death, contact one of our advisors immediately. For others see individual Cancellation policy with respect to worldwide Hotels and Worldwide Flights.
Hajj, Umrah & Flights bookings can’t be amended once confirmed/issued. For other bookings see individual T&C you will incur admin & rebooking charges. We advise our customers to talk to our staff members for guidance.
No, travel insurance is not included. We recommend our customers to take out travel insurance for their own travel protection & peace of mind.
Once the booking is confirmed and you have fully paid invoice for your trip. The confirmation voucher will show Passenger Detail, Hotel’s Name (in case of Hotel Booking) or Flight schedule (in case of flight Booking).
Refunds can only be done into the bank account as per our refund policy guidelines.
No, if you wish to travel by yourself then we can arrange a tailor made package for you, however it is advisable to go with a group as there will be tour guides to help you with your islamic and convenience needs.
When you make a reservation with us, you will be given an invoice; this will show the contents of your package. We will ask you to provide some additional travel documentation, this will include: Valid passport, 2 passport size photographs Vaccination certificate We may require other supporting documents upon your individual circumstance. We will then work towards attaining your visa and confirming the other aspects of your package. InshaAllah you will receive your passports with stamped visa a week before your travel date (approximately).
Yes, you can choose any hotel you like (depending on availability), tell us your requirements and we will find out the availability with the hotel on your behalf, we will then offer you a tailor made package based on your request.
Yes, but it is only possible after your umrah trip; however it will incur extra charges on to the cost of your package.
As long as you have authorized it with your respective bank prior to travelling, you can use your credit/debit card in Saudi Arabia, However, please be advised of any transactional charges the host country or your bank may add.
A certain amount of medical care is provided by the Saudi authorities, however, we strongly advise you to take out comprehensive travel insurance. If you take regular medication, it is also essential to take enough medication to last you for the full period of your stay.
We require a deposit of £250 per person on booking any Umrah Package (except Ramadan packages), which is non-refundable. The remainder is payable 60 days prior to departure.
Yes, we can provide you umrah package without ticket however it is your responsibility to give us your flight information.
No, we don’t provide just the umrah visa services, we provide this service with the umrah package.
In the packages we offer standard rooms, however if you need Haram view room then it could be arranged at any additional cost.
The amount of money you bring in solely on you as everyone has different expenses and spending habits but we recommend you take £200 worth of riyals from England and exchange the rest of the money over there.
Earliest hotel check-in time is 16:00pm local time, and the latest check-out time is also 2pm. We can’t be held liable for accommodation not being available beyond these times. If a flight is arriving earlier than the check-in time on the day of arrival, we advise our customers to book accommodation for the night prior.
All the pilgrims must change their dress and wear ihram before the prescribed miqat. It is advised ihram needs to be put it on at the airport after the check in. Is it possible for children to perform hajj with parents? Yes children can perform hajj but their hajj is not counted as obligatory hajj and they have to perform hajj when they reach puberty. You can perform hajj with perfection through our hajj packages.
A Mehram is represented by a male who can accompany any female during hajj or umrah journey. Mehram can be a father, brother, son, grandson, grandfather, paternal or maternal uncle.
No, this is no longer possible as information and payment for your package is sent to the Ministry of Hajj & hotels prior to visa authorisation application and the visa issued according to the programme.
Full charges of the adult price: If the children require a bed & a seat in the transportation. Half charges of the adult price: If children or child share a bed . Service & visa charges only: If no bed/seat is required/taken.
If you are in a group then inform the group leader/tour guide, he will offer you help and guidance depending on the nature of the problem. However, if you are travelling without group, then you can call us and we will try to solve the problem for you to the best of our ability.
Adults who have the means to afford expenses and who are fit physically must perform hajj as it is obligatory at least once in lifetime. Children, sick people and the ones who cannot afford are not liable to perform hajj.
Hajj is considered as the 5th pillar of Islam and it is only performed on 09th of Dhu’l-Hijjah, while umrah can be performed at any time without any obligation.
Yes, group leaders accompany the group from the UK. All of them have performed Hajj many times and have experienced the level of responsibility.
One of the USP of our package is that we offer extensive guidance before and during the Hajj tour. At the time & following your booking we will give you some useful information and will recommend a reading list. A few weeks before departure we arrange a pre-Hajj seminar where further information is given. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions related to the journey. We also hold lectures throughout the pilgrimage. Religious guides accompany the tour throughout, offering guidance and answering questions.
A deposit of £1000 per person is required at the time of booking, which is non-refundable.
Non-British passport holders can get a Hajj visa if they are on a work permit, student visa, a passport with indefinite leave to remain, or are in the UK to live with their spouse. Please note: Passports carrying only visit visas will not be granted a hajj visa.
Once we have accepted your booking and confirmed with you, the room occupancy level is guaranteed for hotels in Makkah and Madinah depending on which package you choose.
Our itinerary has been set according to the official Saudi calendar. However, if due to the actual sighting of the moon the day is adjusted, we have no control over this and will have to adjust the programme accordingly. We cannot prepare for this eventuality in advance and will do our utmost to make alternative arrangements.
We use European tents as used by most UK groups, and offer exclusive special facilities including catering facilities & water.
One of the conditions of Hajj is that all women must be accompanied by a close male relative (father, sibling, son) – we are unable to accept any bookings from lone females. However a woman age over 45’s may travel in groups alone according to new Saudi regulation by the Ministry of Hajj.
Yes, the Hajj drafts as required by the Saudi government are included.
There are many laundrettes around the local areas/near the hotels in Makkah and Madinah that will wash and press your clothes. The 5 Star hotels also provide this service for their guests but it is more expensive.
No, Ministry of Hajj don’t include this transport in the Hajj draft.
It depends what & where you eat on average meal is about 40/60 riyals per person per day (approx. £10/15).
We don’t advise that you take travellers cheques as you will not have your passport with you at times when you may need to cash them.
There are numerous money exchangers scattered around hotels in Makkah and Madinah. Five star hotels will normally exchange money but at a lower rate.
The group usually has a doctor that accompanies us from the UK who will be available for advice and to prescribe medicine. Most medicines are available over the counter. If you need to go to hospital, you would be entitled to free medical treatment.
Yes, according to new rules of Saudi Ministry of Hajj a male/female can go to hajj again/every year by paying additional mandatory charges of 2000SR.

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